The Shattered Pantheon

Running the Dice

So here's the thing…I have to give her credit, she's trying. She listens, watches, is eager to get out there and try… and she's got skills, just not necessarily enough skills just yet. Poor Connie, a good schemer knows…rigging the game is far less fruitful than fleecing the players. 

If you are going to run dice, you have to know. First off, the money isn't in the game, the stakes, the bet. The money is jingling inside the belt pouches of the players. They're betting, rolling, making coin, and all the time your marks are huddled down, engaged, backs to your mates  as the little rouges relieve them of coin and jewels! Your job is simple…keep your players playing, keep them winning, drinking, cheering. Above all, keep their eyes and minds on those dice, and far from their purses. 

Most important: know when your fortune is spent. Sooner or later, your marks will reach for their pouches, count their coins. Its not a matter of outsmarting, its a matter of out-lasting, and knowing when the scheme is up. This is the most dangerous choice for a novice. Bad timing, misjudgment, pressing one's luck often proceeds a quick blade to the throat, or at the least a thorough beating.  



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