Forest gnome Druid

  • Link to character sheet (dropbox, 4.5mb)

While a happy and content gnome in training as a druid, I was charges with an important pilgrimage to the material plane to learn about the state of the wilds and their inhabitants. Once concluded I am charged with returning to the Feywild and the Summer Court to share what I have learned.

My journey began as I traversed a stable portal taking me into the heart of the Dalelands forest. However, the return home was immediately made difficult as the keystone to activate the portal broke and turned to dust. Thus I am always on the lookout for portals and knowledge so he may once again walk the green, magical fields of the Faywild.

The first creature encountered on Faerûn was a little red squirrel whom I spent months befriending. Filbert now follows me where-ever I go.

While in principle shy, and have little wish, or need to interact with other races, I constantly remind myself that I am on an important pilgrimage assigned by the Arch-druid of the Summer Court herself to learn more of the natural lands of the material plane. So far, my work is a series of tomes concerning the life and longevity of Red Squirrels, and my logbook of my important daily encounters.

Personality Traits:

  • I honor my deities through practices that are foreign to this land.
  • I feel far more comfortable around animals than people.


  • The natural world is more important than all the constructs of civilization. (Neutral)
  • I have much to learn from the kindly folk I meet along my way


  • Though I had no choice, I lament having to leave my loved one(s) behind. I hope to see them to see them again one day.


  • I am easily distracted by the promise of information.
  • I pretend not to understand the local language in order to avoid interactions I would rather not have

I carry with me these most esteemed titles:

  • Worshiper of Sehanine Moonbow
  • High exalted envoy to the Arch-druid of the Summer Court
  • Warden of Moss Hill (My home)
  • Springwarden of the Emerald Enclave


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